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History of the website:

  • Knight Grant enables hiring a firm to build new site
  • Christina and Jesse wrote an RFP
  • thoughtbot won the contract

Open Source

Goal has always been to publish code open source. We'll probably AGPL license it, with IHAS as the rightsholder (jcn to confirm).


Bug Tracking Options

  • Github issues
  • Asana
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Better Means

We'll start with Github issues and see when it starts to break down. Fewer tools better.


  • Focus is on people and projects.
  • Let chapters keep their autonomy.
  • We're not trying to build a blogging engine.

General Process:

  • Please jump straight in if you're making some small tweaks!
  • Do some pre-planning on the list before you jump in to do anything huge
  • People should make changes and test against their own heroku apps
  • Send pull requests once your feature is ready
  • The main staging app won't be used by everyone, just to test pre-prod push


This is a highly incomplete list, and wasn't worth discussing in depth in person.

Some things to work on:

  • All Project List - Aggregate funded projects across all chapters
  • Funded Description - Don't just re-use the description field for the project, need a separate "for the web" description
  • Project info / metadata
  • All for *.xml, *.csv, *.rss etc endings to pages to make it easier to consume data