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For Trustees

Logging In

If you scroll to the very bottom of, you will find links that say "About & Contact", "FAQ", and "Sign In". Click "Sign In" to access the login screen.

If you have an account associated with an active email address but you've forgotten your password, click on "Forgot your password?" below the pink sign-up button. You'll be prompted for the email address associated with the account, and you can get a link to reset your password emailed to you.

Changing Your Image

The picture associated with your account is automatically pulled from, a global avatar hosting system. Just create an account there with the email address you use to log in to the site. If you already have a Gravatar account that uses a different email address, remember that your account can have multiple email addresses associated with it - just add it at

Edit Your Profile

In Dashboard, the very first option on your left sidebar should be “Edit My Profile”. If you click on that, you’ll be taken to a form that allows you to change the way your name is displayed, change your email address and password, and change the URL that your name is associated with on the Chapter Page. Please note that your email address is what you use to log in to the system with, so use one that you will remember!

Reviewing Applications

When you click on Dashboard, the default view you will have is a list of submissions to your chapter sorted from most recent to least recent. You can always return to this view by clicking on “Projects” on your left sidebar.

This is your filter bar, which changes what projects are displayed. You can filter projects by submission date by putting in a start and end date and then clicking “Filter”. Similarly, you can display only the projects in your shortlist by checking the “My Shortlist” box and clicking “Filter”. You can even filter for just the projects in your shortlist during a certain date range! You get the idea.The dropdown box with your chapter selected (in this example, it’s “Boston”) allows you to switch between applications for different chapters. For most folks, this will be their own chapter and then “Any”, the pool of submissions that did not specify a chapter.As you read through applications, you can highlight the ones you really like with the “Awesome” button. This is how you put projects in your shortlist. You can also see what projects everyone else in your chapter thought were awesome by clicking on “Finalists” on your left sidebar. You can also “un-Awesome” a project at anytime.

For Deans

As with trustees, almost all of your special options are accessible through “Dashboard”, which should be an option on your top navbar when you log in to the site. Once there, you should see a bunch of options on the left.

Getting your chapter on the site

If your chapter is not listed on the site and you would like it to be, please email and we'll get you all sorted.

Deleting vs. Hiding an Application

OK, so there are two options on each application that might seem a bit confusing at first. The first, "Delete this project," does what it says - if you click that, you delete the whole application. It is removed from the database, you don't have the option to get it back, you can't find out who applied, etc. We tend not to use "Delete" since it's so permanent.

The other option is "Hide." When you hide an application, it remains in the application list, but it remains collapsed so it doesn't take up any room visually. It stays in our database, and if you decide that you hid the project by accident, you can un-hide it by going to the application itself and clicking on the "Unhide" button.

So, you might decide to "Delete" an application if it's clearly spam, or if it's a duplicate application that you want to just get rid of forever. You might choose to "Hide" an application if you aren't sure it's appropriate for your chapter at the moment and don't need the other trustees to see it and get confused / distracted.

Getting a List of Finalists

If your whole chapter is viewing submissions through the website’s system, you can use the system to automatically generate a shortlist for deliberation. In designing this system, we took into account the variety of methodologies used by different chapters and tried to keep the automation very straightforward. Basically, as a trustee reads through applications, they can mark the ones they like as “Awesome”. They can view their own shortlist of “Awesome” projects at any time.If you go to “Dashboard” and look in your Chapter menu on the left side navigation, you’ll find an option called “Finalists”. This is a table of all the projects that have been marked as “Awesome” by anyone in your chapter, ordered by how many “Awesome” votes each got. You can also filter this list by date of submission.

Selecting a Winner

Once an application has been selected as the winner, you may designate it as such by clicking on the "winner" button on the dashboard. This will automatically set the funding date to the current date and will make the project appear on your chapter's page.

If you would like to edit the description that shows up on the page, or change the funding date, click on the "edit project" link at the bottom of the project description. At the bottom of the form, you will see two fields: one for the funding date, and one for the funded description. The funded description was originally populated from the main project description, but we recommend that you change this and keep it updated as the project progresses.

Changing your Trustees List

Because we imported the entire database from the old site, the trustees that currently appear on your chapter page are almost certainly accounts that should be deleted.

To create new accounts for trustees: Go to “Dashboard” and you should see an option on your left sidebar menu to “Invite a Trustee”. Select the correct chapter and fill out the rest of the information and that trustee will receive an email invite to join. Once they accept the invitation, they will automatically appear as a trustee on the Chapters page and have the ability to view all applications for your chapter.

To remove a trustee: Go to “Dashboard” and click on “Members” in your left sidebar menu. From there, find the trustee you want to remove and hit “remove”.

Promoting a trustee to Dean: Go to "Dashboard" and click on "Members" in your left sidebar menu. From there, find the trustee you would like to promote and click "promote" under the "Dean" column.

Changing a Trustee’s email: If one of your trustees wants to change the email address they log in with, go to “Dashboard” and click on “Members” on your left sidebar menu. From there, find the trustee you want to change the information for and click “edit” to change their email address.

Updating Chapter Profile

RSS Feed URL This is where you input the feed for your blog so that new updates are properly displayed

Extra Questions You can now append up to 3 extra questions to the application for your chapter! These will ONLY appear when the applicant selects your chapter from the dropdown menu.

Hide Trustees Chapters now have the option to hide their trustee list from the chapter page. Why might you want to do this? Well some chapters think that staying anonymous allows the grants to feel like they're coming from the chapter, and as such, just the community of neighbors at large, rather than 10 individuals. Other chapters prefer to include the list to show that there are real people behind the grants, not just a faceless grantmaking committee. The choice is up to you!

Loading in Past Winners

There are two ways you can load your past winning projects into the system.

1) Find the project in the database - Figure out the possible date range for when the project was submitted, put that into your dashboard, and search each page for the name of the project. Once you find it, click the “Winner for your chapter” button as usual and it should show up on your chapter page. From there, click on “edit the project” and add photos, edit the description, and most importantly, change the funding date to the correct one so that your projects are in the correct chronological order.

2) Add the project manually - Click on “Apply” and fill out the project form. Put the winning fellow’s name in “Name” but use your own email so that it doesn’t send them a notification. The only field that is displayed on the project’s page is the Project Details, so you can just use placeholder text for the other two fields. Make sure to set the correct funding date and add pictures if you have them.

Uploading Project Images

To upload images for a project, navigate to the project and click “Edit Project” on the top right of the project’s page. Then, scroll down to “Upload Images for your Project”, which is usually the second-to-last question on the form.The website takes most normal image filetypes: .jpg, .png, and .gif. Images will be automatically resized or cropped to fit inside the frame, which is 940x470. Using images that are as close to this size as possible will yield best results; in particular, very tall vertical images will be poorly cropped.Each image can have multiple images associated with it: just upload each one with the “Choose file” button, then hit “Save” at the bottom. The image on top will be the one that appears everywhere on the site and appears first on the project’s page. If you want, you can return to editing the project to rearrange them by dragging and dropping to the order you prefer. I would not recommend adding more than 5 images.

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