Tactics for Chapter Promotion

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(Subgroup Notes from Press Release Template Discussion)

List of things people need assistance with (brainstorming):

  • Social Media How/To (Reg will start writing something that others can build on)
  • Free stuff
  • Announcement Events
  • Event RSVP Tools
  • Traditional Media
  • How/Who to Target
  • Organizational Partnerships (Ex. Hackerspaces - JCN will contact Mitch)
  • Capture/Retain Interest
  • Grant Recipients as their own PR
  • Leveraging Non-Recipient Applicants
  • Getting your Mayor involved (Successful cases: Austin, Portland, Pittsburgh)
  • Empowering your Trustees
  • Awesome community asks (Marshalle)

Successful Case Studies that may address some of the above :

  • LA Party: Great turnout, low retention after
  • Calgary's Pitch Nights: Public pitch events, builds community and audience spreads the word and even submits proposals later on. Helps retain audience.

Recommend that we (as a Foundation) develop the following that other chapters can draw from (i.e. Action Items):

Some Case Study Categories that offer a broad range of what AF does: (Tommy)

  • Tech/Hacker
  • Public Art/Community
  • Environmental
  • Whimsical
  • Food

Other Resources (some may need to be created from scratch):

  • Video assets (JCN/Dan)
  • Kara's "list of apps" (ex. events, press releases)
  • The new main website for case studies and examples of successful projects
  • Event planning guide
  • Press release guide (Tommy & Avi)
  • Leverage the internal AF mail list for crowdsourcing/knowledge gathering