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Welcome to Awesome Ottawa! Here’s a form e-mail with some useful information...

Meetings: We meet every month to decide the month's recipient, right now on the second (x)day of the month, where x rotates between Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday — I’ll add you to a Google Calendar with the dates. Our meetings are held at 6:30 PM, usually somewhere downtown. I send out a reminder about a week in advance. Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 14. We generally don't eat dinner beforehand, so we have some motivation to finish deliberating (we have a practice of not voting and talking it out until we reach some consensus). Often many of us go out for dinner together afterward.

Money: Please try to get your $100 to me before our monthly meeting. I send out a list of who has already contributed with the reminder about the meeting, and am looking forward to the day when everyone has already contributed by the time the reminder goes out! You can send me money by Paypal or e-mail money transfer, or pre-contribute in cash — I like cash! — or post-dated cheques at the previous meeting (some are contributing several months in advance for convenience). You should receive shortly an invitation to create an account on the global website. If your picture doesn’t show up on the chapter page automatically and you want it to, you’ll need to sign up with the same e-mail address on and upload a picture there.

Submissions: With your account you will be able to browse the submissions through your “Dashboard." When you click the "Awesome" button on a submission, it adds a vote for it in the Finalists list. We then use this list to help us decide which submissions to discuss at our meeting.

Mailing list: I am adding you to our Awesome Ottawa mailing list.

Social media: If you aren’t following us already, head over to and like, follow, and follow If you want to be one of the voices of these accounts, you’re most welcome — a number of trustees have them hooked up to their devices so they can post and engage with content when they’re at or see something interesting.

Global mailing list: If you want to sign up for the global Awesome Foundation mailing list (I recommend it, but don't feel obliged), you can do this at!forum/awesome-foundation.

Global Facebook group: I will invite you to the global Facebook group (some overlap with the global mailing list).

Global social media: You might want to like and follow — basically both the same feed of funded projects from chapters around the world.

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