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Other Help


Awesome Fellows should check out Catchafire's project menu for pro-bono professional help on everything from finances to graphic design.

This isn't an official partnership yet, but we're working on it!

More Funding


If an Awesome Fellow wants to start a Kickstarter campaign to raise more funds, they can take advantage of our curated page. We can either just highlight their work or help them set up their campaign from start-to-finish.

The point people for this resource are: Christina Xu (Boston, IHAS), Bonnie Shaw (DC), Kara Brickman (Boston), and Ellen Chisa (Seattle).

Sunday Soup Network

Sunday Soup is like Awesome Foundation but with a meal. Participants pay a small entrance fee to get a homecooked meal, hear pitches from local people with ideas, and vote on their favorite. The pooled money from the entrance fee is given to the winner.

To find a Sunday Soup event near you, please look here.

Impact Connector at Harvard Business School

The folks running this reached out to us. Please pass Fellows or even relevant applicants along!

"We are looking for high potential social impact start-ups seeking equity funding. What a social impact start-up will get from us:

· Strategic advice to strengthen its business model, assumptions and pitch from a team of experienced HBS students; and

· If selected, equity funding and direct feedback from leading impact investors, including the former CIO of the Acumen Fund. What we’re looking for:

· For-profit domestic start-ups working in the healthcare, education, or financial inclusion sectors;

· Companies with a high growth trajectory and a social mission to directly benefit underserved communities; and

· Seed- or early-stage companies that are currently operational and pursuing funding for further growth"


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