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Let's just talk about AWESOME stuff for the future. Dream big and keep it positive.

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Spreading the word

  • Awesome museum exhibits
  • Let's become The Example of how to do micro-funding and citizen philanthropy
  • Foundations and institutions think we're cool already, we can leverage that
    • But we should not worry about seeking those out, just make ourselves available
  • Let's have an international holiday (suggestions: 4/4, 4/29, founding date of Boston chapter, something involving 8?)


  • A team-up of something like the Awesome Foundation and the Gates Foundation
    • Ellen and Nikki know people at the Gates Foundation
    • What if the GF paid us to go places and do things?
    • What if we just did that without the GF?
  • certified Awesome stamps for venues and businesses that supports us


  • What if we had full-time Awesome Fellows whose job was to help people?
  • Annual international Awesome Summit, and then regional summits
    • next year's summit should have Awesome Awards
    • and sharing craziest grants/applications
  • Bigger events, like the Awesome Camping Trip
  • Workshops and techniques and office hours to help people come up with better awesome ideas
    • less self-serving project proposals
    • maybe guest trustee programs will help, since people will have a better idea of how to do things

Long-term thinking

  • Willow: let's not grow out of our niche, because we're filling a space that needs to be filled
  • We have a responsibility and a opportunity to build this way of thinking in our culture
    • it's success if it replicated and spread and copied
  • What's the role of artificially growing things and cultivating chapters instead of letting it grow organically?
    • AF Rio was cultivated by Christina and Lee Sean being there simultaneously, inviting a bunch of people to dinner, and talking about Awesome
    • It would be nice to do that under IHAS