2016 Summit Kickoff

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Kickoff Presentation

  • PB&J Philanthropy - Ken Castner from Awesome Alaska
  • “Grassroots Philanthropy” book on how to do “Peanut Butter and Jelly Philanthropy” Grass Roots Philanthropy
  • Awesome Foundation is pure philanthropy, not an industry, like many philanthropic organizations become

History of Awesome - Tim Hwang co-founder of AF

  • Boston is boring, let’s make it awesome.
  • Finding space and making cool things happen cost a lot, why not just give money?
  • Awesome Foundation for the Arts & Sciences text website
  • Crazy ideas from Dave Secretary, the first idea. A huge hammock that people can hang out
  • Scaling through distributed teams and informal guidelines: Granted $1.9 million and 1951 projects funded so far, 82 chapters 18 countries
  • “The fact that we don’t know what we’re doing is a real strength.” A gigantic, globe-spanning network of laboratories. An Alliance. A cat-voltron.