The Future of the Institute for Higher Awesome Studies

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Presentation by Cristina Xu, Chancellor of IHAS

What is an IHAS?

  • IHAS = Institute on Higher Awesome Studies
  • Experiment to develop minimal infrastructure to support Awesome Foundation without bogging it down
  • Incorporated as a 503C
  • Not affiliated with any chapter
  • Want to enable faster and stronger growth for the foundation
  • NOT: a service organization

Past projects

  • Designing Awesome Foundation site with Jessie Chan-Norris & web team
  • Started and support Awesome Summit
  • Foundation support to launch and support chapters in Detroit and New Orleans -- those chapters have now been wound down

What’s next?

  • When we started IHAS, goal was to get infrastructure down so we can get it to grow
  • Reached the limit of Christina’s vision, definitely time for new visions

Working session

  • How should IHAS and AF work together or not
  • What should the responsibilities of the next chancellor be? Should it even be called a chancellor?
  • How should we choose the next IHAS chancellor?
  • How do we make the decisions in a way that involves chapters who are not here
  • “And now, Kitten Voltron” - When all the kittens (chapters) have to work together, we summon Kitten Voltron!