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The current state of the Awesome

Goal: Better aggregate all of the information available. This was explicitly called out as an issue. Seriously, we don't even know how many chapters are there (definitively between 30 and 47. we think.)

1. What is the Awesome Foundation? (What is the big picture?)

2. How are chapters different? How they are similar?

3. How do we define "Awesome"? (This is what an Awesome project is.)

AF Founded, hits 100 application month.

Three months later, second/third chapter.

1000 application mark.

Gave away $10,000 by mid-2010.

International presence/ first European chapter (London).

IHAS (2011).

first Australian chapter (Melbourne).

$100,000 mark

10,00 apps received

Dollars funded over time continues going up over time- exponentially. If we keep going at the current rate, we'll give away $1,000,000 by Aug. 2013. We like funding: cost specifics, materials, food.

What data to we collect? Organizational, chapter, trustee, attempted chapters, application/applicant -- what our project completion rate is / and timeline for projects finishing.

Definitive short term goals: Definitive list of chapters w/ founding dates, clean the data we have and fill in holes, launch a survey of trustees, begin work on capturing AF impact beyond $.

How can I help? We're having a working session from 2-4. Join our team, volunteer to help with qualitative work, become a point-person for chapter data questions, encourage your chapter to submit to IHAS.

Moving forward

What is awesome from the grants?

Defining Awesome