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Many chapters have a social media presence. Being on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram helps you get the word out about your chapter, drum up interest in current projects, and attract new applications.


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • Know your audience (start with the demographics of applicants)
  • Where do they engage the most? Typically millennials & older are still active on FB + more capabilities such as the events & community feature
  • Younger demographic will be on Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube
  • If using IG, make sure it’s updated frequently, especially stories (hack by sharing public posts related to your chapter)
  • LinkedIn is great to update of trustees are active and can easily share on their profiles to encourage more trustee sign ups

Who To Follow & Engage With

  • Start by following all previous awesome winners
  • Follow trustees and former trustees
  • Follow local businesses and organizations
  • By getting your name out there, you'll create curiosity with just the name alone. If something you see on any platform looks "awesome" be sure to comment, like or share to start creating relationships with these groups.

Create a simple content calendar

  • At least once a month remind people who you are and what you do
  • Upcoming app deadlines
  • Upcoming pitch parties (fb events is helpful)
  • Share any updates from past winners (passively)
  • Shout out to other awesome groups or businesses you admire or have teamed up within the past

Storytelling with Videos- Best Practices

  • Tell a story: 
Concentrate on the value you’re providing consumers/customers/clients. Don’t try to throw a sale on your audience right away. **tracked URLs to help create CTAs & maintain leads
  • Best 10 seconds ever: 
Make it short ’n’ sweet, we don’t have time to watch a three-minute video about the benefits of removing carpet and replacing it with vinyl. Start your video with an immediate attn grabber “Why should I watch this?”
  • Don’t be boring!
Evoke emotion. Entertain your audience & educate them at the same time. Lighten up as much as you can while staying on brand.
  • Optimize for search - TAGS
Work the SEO by using tags in your descriptions (keywords) to help Google find your video. Taking time to really write out a description and the purpose of your video is key.
  • 65% of your audience are visual learners. Teaching your audience how to use your product or who you are will help prove yourself and your brand. Tutorials have the highest effectiveness for content marketing at 89 %.
  • Make it compatible with all platforms. FB, LI, IG, IG Stories, Snap, Email, etc.

Other Tips & Tricks

  • Have a couple of members as dedicated photographers at events
  • Not good with photography? Use photos submitted from grants to share
  • Create graphics templates using Canva. This will help your feeds look "on brand"
  • With Canva you can swap photos out easily and it’s available on the desktop & app

***Make sure your webpage is updated***

Account list

Here is a list of accounts