Pitches and Awarding of the Metagrant

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The funded idea is Ponzi Awesome. They will use the $1000 grant to seed the first grant of a new chapter, with the hope of eventually doing this repeatedly.

These are the ideas pitched for the metagrant:

Awesome Flag (on the moon)

It's a flag. On the moon.

Awesome sunglasses

It's also a guerrilla marketing plan!

Ponzi Awesome

Or meta-awesome, or Madoff awesome, or pyramid awesome. The money will be used to reward someone who wants to start a chapter.

Friends of Awesome

A membership program for people to be Awesome without being trustees. The money would go to print out membership cards.

Awesome Billboard

To show our pride. It would go in the city that the 2013 summit will be in.

Goat Twitter

MAAAAAAA [rebleat?]

Flamethrowers and Orphans

HD video of an orphan with a flamethrower. The orphan gets to keep the flamethrower.