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***hey you with the puzzled look on your face! get your chapter over to Resources and References, where you can download all the latest schmancy graphics***

Wait, we want stuff to look good? Absolutely. And not just look good but clearly communicate information and excite people about what we do.

The group met briefly. In sum to come:

Use this wiki (probably) as a place to

  • download "official" universal logo in many formats
  • have a template for chapters to use if they want
  • show or link to a gallery of all chapter logos
  • list official fonts and colors
  • have a template for stickers or business cards for chapters to draw from if they want
  • provide a list of vendors already used (example: stickermule for stickers)

Uses of all graphic assets:

  • new chapters
  • future promo
  • events
  • press!
  • inspiration


Lee-Sean's Awesome Assets Dropbox (to be organized)