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Attendees: Deana (Baltimore), Emily (Ottawa), Nikki (Seattle), Dionne (Atlanta), Kara (Boston), Asad (Kingston), Joel (Austin), Christina (NY)

What is IHAS?

  • A nice suit you can put on, not a separate business person.
  • Scaffolding
  • Serving lowest common denominator

Fiscal Sponsorship

  • Right now lots of chapters need it just to get free beer etc.
  • Community foundations have guidelines with what they'll typically fund but they'll tell you no.
  • You'd have to define in the governance what kinds of projects you want.

* Maybe chapters could submit grants? * There are nonprofits that are set up just to do fiscal agencies.

  • You have to state that it's a fiscal agent--define types of grants you're willing to make.

* Hard to cut checks to people outside of the state. Accounting liability. You HAVE to have an audit and that's expensive. * Deana: It's kind of a nightmare. Lots of IRS stuff around giving.


  • Create a task of the things you normally do?
  • Should IHAS just be the thing that runs the Summit?


  • Nobody works on it full-time.
  • Rotating chairs.
  • What if all the chapters donate one of their monthly grants to IHAS?

* Could go towards a metagrant for revitalizing the city? * Could be used for general funds for the chapters. * Finding people to start chapters in target cities and bring them to the Summit?

IHAS Responsibilities

  • Website - paying maintenance costs, improving the website
  • Documentation -
  • Communication -
  • Summit


  • Figuring out some kind of shared resources
  • Call-to-action video: trustee, chapter, application