Awesummit2014:Best Examples of Grantees/Winners

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This session focused on how to share inspirational examples of AF projects, both internally and externally.

One outcome of this session was the Global Inspirational Projects List (see Resources and References)

The initial group* went around and shared their favourite projects from memory (usually one 'more orphans' and one 'more flamethrowers' project). Jeffrey transcribed these into the Global Inspirational Projects List, but some need corrected titles, links, summaries, and photos at the time of writing.

(*Gavin, Alison, Ramanjot, Justin, Jerry, Jeffrey, Dave, Tina, Kara, Andrew)

Group discussed having a 'superlatives' list (most likely to take over the world, etc) for projects, each chapter could feature their best for inclusion in this list.

Dave: create a resource kit for all chapters - a list of great projects for inspiration

Terry: My dream is to have a once a day email list of AF projects, ideally a short video explaining what each project is

Gavin: Before each summit: each chapter chooses their fav project of the year (using the website 'Awesome' button? Group: this probably won't work for that purpose)

Kara: create an export of all projects per chapter to use as a resource

Tina: share out when you find a particularly important project (on social media?)

Dave: create a twitter account for just top projects?

Andrew: do we want one resource for communicating to chapters, and a different one for public PR?

Dave: wants viz of metrics on submissions

Website Feature Request:

"Currently featured project" button that chapters can use to send a project to the top of their page on the Awesome site. Also, possibly all of the currently featured projects can be collected on one page on the AF site.

or "share globally" button that sends a project to the global awesome list? Would we want a summary written by the chapter or by the grantee?

Gavin: a mailing list is better than a website / website-feature?

Where does "currently featured project" go? Which part of the AF site? we need to design/create requirements for this.

Awesome Inspirational Projects mailing list? Awesome Podcast?

Tina: as a use of the optional the application field: a question asking for a One-or-Two Sentence Pitch to summarize project

Dave: if grantee is not best of writers, summary may not be great content that we want to share publicly

Ana: in Rio, successful grantees are given the opportunity to rewrite their projects to be shared publicly - possibly with update on status of project

Gavin: what if the mailing list has a weekly digest of tweets from all chapters?

Ana: create a committee of people dedicated to sharing global Awesome material on social media? (they might select the best projects worldwide to feature)

Group: we have some options:

Create a Static List, infrequently updated, share with anyone who could use it (we implemented this in the form of the above linked presentation) vs. Continuously updated feed, for example on a Facebook group, that keeps people engaged and informed of latest inspirational projects (this might be accomplished with the Website Feature Request above - or it could be crowdsourced from all chapters to manually add their favs)

Dave: we want to define a technical/personell workflow

Jeff Cho: just send an email to the global awesome list when there's a particularly great highlight you want to share?

Group discussed these options and decided to start with something achievable, static list in form of above linked presentation that anyone can edit.