Awesummit2014:Application Diversity

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AMD will clean up on 9/7/14

- How your reaching different communities? - Each chapter being conscious of the projects they are selecting. (2 community gardens) - Try and do a pattern - Have we funded something recently? - Do we want to fund this again?

Every idea you fund, you will notice a few more ideas.

Funding from the same group of people. Perceived problem.

Application diversity - themed projects, every six months Themed applications, let people know.

What are the kinds of diversities? - Age of the applicants (like to see applications elementary to seniors) - Diverse areas (arts, science, community groups, social) - Socioeconomic diversity - Targeted movement towards people who couldn't do this on their own - Hey we are looking for your projects, in your community, as long as they are awesome

We want you to contribute, what you contribute has to be awesome

Language, offer exposure in other ways - at a certain point (some people are not going to be happy).

Thought about doing a themed night -- won't have enough applications.

Double grant - a lot easier. Public pitch party. If we invite people to pitch, we cannot really say we won't fund anything.

Be disappointing to set people up to be a themed night. Themed month, not plan a pitch party. Two parties (regular pitch party).

The push that is going out to the communities - this is the type of things we are looking for, this would be great to apply to us. Depend a lot, who we have in our trustee group.


1) Some groups do this differently, live pitches - how do live pitches work? - Trustees look at all applications, vote through the website, as the dean - Shari looks at what has been voted on and picks top 3-5 public pitch party. Decide based on votes. If an application doesn't receive at least 3 votes. They pitch to us - the trustee groups (goes into the scrum), done by consensus.

2) How many people outside applicants and trustees are at the events? - Driven by who is pitching, have some supporters - 6 additional people (30 - 40) (downtown locations, vary the locations), or be a challenge for it. Pubs and bars, people may hear us having the discussion. Gain interest.

3) Six different restaurants - those places donated food, haven't had that happen. Halifax. New restaurants -- community focused (vested interest).

Tweeting - where going to go, eat at that restaurant. Also giving them business - surprises, haven't even bothered to r

Public award party - wrap-up session. How successful they were. Don't have to do something every month. Highlights the successes.

-> pitch party 3-4 months -> rotate change to twice a year (all of applications) -> get some momentum going

Really structured -- a few people with the time and energy.

Found one place -> we are going tweet you, we will tweet us - don't have to worry about, everyone knows where to go. One person coordinating.

Disconnects the pitch from the application - meeting at a pub or restaurant, invite considering maybe putting in an application. Say how did this work, what do I need to put in my application. Opportunity for people to brainstorm -- outreach to let people know.

Isn't a very narrow thing, let those people gain confidence in their idea. Giant hammock idea.

--- a bunch of people who have good ideas --- Other trustees.

--> Hosted some of our events in new places (maker space group) - to get people aware of the maker space. Consider Awesome Kingston, hope out there.

OTTAWA - Intentionally fund projects not in Ottawa that are REALLY cool. Modeling another type of application. Post-funding or projects, This is what we are looking -- what makes me happy.

A lot of Awesome is investing in people, not projects. - really focused (extra grants) - extra grant, fund an any project. Still funding local stuff.

everyone has an agenda -- to be a trustee, guest trustee? local councilor - federal member of parliament. Whether that would come over